Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skirts to the third

I had recently bashed the new Goodwill near me. But I gave it another chance this past week, and it has slightly redeemed itself. It's funny because I actually had something in mind before walking into the store! Never is this the usual. I just find things 99% of the time. But I had my game plan. I'd needed skirts. Yes, skirts. Things I normally don't wear. Ever. But I need them now. So, I headed over to the skirt dept. By department, I mean two aisles of pure, unadulterated skirts. Yippee. I actually found some great skirts to begin the year with!

Item A: A J. Crew paisley knee length skirt. Lined. Cotton. Flowy. My size. In perfect condition. $2.99.

Item B: A BN w/tags Houndstooth skirt. Granted, it's not high end designer but a JcPenny house name, it seems very well made! Would look great with black cardi and black tights. Riding boots, perhaps? Or I could do the whole flats routine. Hmm..versatile. Retails for $34, I paid $2.99.

Item C: And last, and not Pictured, a Tommy Hilfiger blue and red wool blend houndstooth, just above the knee skirt. Very cute. $2.99.
Not bad for under $10, eh?

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