Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's game time!

In a few hours I will be among thousands of other like-minded individuals at a Spurs game! Horray! I am a huge fan of the silver and black, so this will be very exciting night....let's just hope they kick the opponents butt! My oldest sister got my dad and I some tickets for X-Mas. It's just great fun to be at a live game with all the screaming, yelling, and excitement.

ETA: We lost, lol... but we still had a blast!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thrifting 101: Part One

Okay, so you want to get in on some of those tempting bargains at your local thrift shop but feel overwhelmed? Are you convinced that today’s Goodwill’s are brimming with endless rows of acid-washed jeans and faded Minnie Mouse tees? No fear, modern Goodwill's and thrift stores carry an eclectic range of fashion and accessories that fall anywhere between modern, classic, outdated, and vintage. Yeah, sure there will be those faded, overstreched cropped Disney tees mixed in along with tacky Hawaiian-themed fanny packs. Makes it interesting.... But then again, you'll probably find some designer pieces and valuble collectables.

I came up with a few questions and tips to get you prepared for thrift shopping. Whether you’re new to the concept of thrifting or a seasoned veteran, hopefully this can lend you some tips and ideas to make your thrift shopping experiences dandy. Okay, let’s get to the basics.

When should I visit my local thrift shop?
It is best to hit up the store when it first opens in the morning, this way you avoid the larger crowds that converge usually around 11a.m and on. Associates usually put their big tickets items like furniture out before the store opens as well, and replenish stock throughout the store.

But where do I start once in the store?
Well, it depends on what your goal is for the day. If you are vying for a winter jacket, then by all means head to the jacket dept first. But what I find works best, is going straight to the Housewares. This is because housewares fit all, unlike clothing pieces. And you can relax more while clothing browsing once you have your waffle maker safe and sound in your cart.

How much should I expect to spend each visit?
This varies according to what you want, of course! Goodwill is the priciest of all thrift stores I have visited. Jeans are priced around $5, pants $3, blouses/knit shirts $4, shoes $7, and Pj’s $3 a piece. Now this is just the standard Goodwill pricing here in South Texas. OF course there are the auction areas in the store where you must bid on the item or purchase it at a 'buy me now' price which is 99% of the time way overpriced. Sometimes chain stores donate their out dated inventory to Goodwill and they will usually be specially priced at a higher than GW average price.

I know that Goodwill has most raised their prices on most everything since I’ve been shopping there (since when I was a wee lexieberry in the early 90's). It’s all about capitalism, even in the thrift business…supply and demand. Thrifting is becoming more and more popular, so of course they take advantage of this and mark up their prices! Just recently, my favorite GW raised all stuffed animal prices to $1, from their original .49....

What do I do when I find some items I like?
Inspect, inspect, and then inspect them some more. People are known for donating their ripped crotch jeans and bbq-sauce stained shirts. Make sure to look an item over, inspect the seams, buttons, and zippers. Check armpits, for any stains. If there is a tiny tear or missing button, don't be afraid to be crafty and fix the garmet! Believe me, new buttons on a shirt, can make it look completley different and give it new life.

And make sure to wash the garmets thoroughly before wearing. Use a color safe bleach, as well to kill any possible lingering 'itis'es...

And for now....
Don't forget to visit the store a couple times a week to check out the constantly rotating inventory.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

lazy lazy day

Nothing interesting today to blog about. It's just one of those 'i-don't-want-to-do-anything-at-all-days'. You know the days that you just wake up and lounge around in sweat pants and a t-shirt all day. No makeup, even. But in all fairness, I did go to the grocery store to pick up a few VERY important items: Crush Strawberry Soda in the glass bottles and Heredez Salsa Casera. Yeah......I'm set

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Goodwill Find....

This was actually from a couple weeks ago, as I have not had the chance to hit up any thrift stores in a while. Now that the holidays are going to be ending, I will hopefully be able to visit local goodwills and find some good things now that people are getting rid of their 'old' items to replace with their shiny new Christmas presents.
I stopped by a Goodwill that I don't usually frequent. It's sort of a messier and overall, yuckier (yes this is an adjective), Goodwill in my city. It' s just in an older, run down shopping center and right off a major highway. But still, I have found some great things there, just not in abudance as other 'Wills. It takes a lot of digging at this establisment, and patience.

So, this is it~A vintage, hand-sewn blouse with dolman sleeves and gathered front. Nice. It looks larger, which is okay as I want that drapey, flowy look. My ideal was to pair this with some darker denim jeans and brown boots for a casual look. Some gold earrings and bracelet would look great with this creme shade. Fabric used is sooo soft, almost like a very fine crushed poly-velvet....well, that description didn't make sense

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

The day after Christmas is traditionally known as 'Black Friday 2'. Retailers are just begging shoppers to come out and indulge in some fanatastic sales and bargains. Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, and JCPenny are just some of the big names promoting their one or two day-only sales. I know that many families (including mine) grab most all of next years Christmas decor and wrapping items during the week afterwards at these stores. And why not? At 50-75% off, you're definitley saving money in the long run. JCPenny is evening adding a cherry on top of their huge clearance sales (going on only the 26th-27th) by offering a set of two coupons for shoppers. One is a $10 off a $50 purchase and the other is a $15 off a $100 purchase. Not bad if you ask me. If you need some Christmas decor (now advertised as 75% off), or whatever you really wanted for Christmas but didn't get, you can certainly get the bang for your buck today and tommorow at Pennies. Here's a link to the two printable coupons that were sent to my email inbox:


Everything sounds so tempting, but I am choosing to stay home today. After all, I had a very Merry Christmas! Plus, if I go out, more than likely I will grab fast food....no thank you! After all that Ham, stuffing, and green bean casserole, this girl is still full!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Gingerbread Fail

My baby brother, who is 5 1/2, loves all things gingerbread man. From gingerbread stuffed 'babies', gingerbread aprons, to gingerbread blankets, he's got it. So naturally, I thought a gingerbread house would be a perfect activity for him. So, after picking up an $8USD gingerbread house kit from Target, we set out to construct a delightful abode....


Well...all was going well, and we were having fun icing and adorning the house with peppermints and gum drops...until the roof decides to collapse and cave in. Then the other wall seemingly implodes, and the whole house was officially a ground zero of gingerbread. Luckily, little brother wasn't too dissapointed, as the kit provided lots of candy to keep him distracted and comforted during the horrible sight of mangled cookie and icing.


The creation and relentless attempt to fix the structural integrity of the home proved futile. I actually found myself cursing at the house...not soo merry. I decided to trash the entire creation, rather than spend any more of my time fighting with a cookie. Tommorow, little brother and I shall build mini houses from the tried and true milk cartons and graham crackers method.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

'tis the season to shop and shop some more...

Yes, it is getting close to that merry and cheeful day, aka JC's annual birthday bash, where presents and gifts are to be eagerly torn opened and revealed by friends and family. Over the course of many shopping days and oppurtunites, I have only managed to get 2, yes 2, gifts for anybody on my list....But seriously, how can I help myself. Between Marshalls and Kohl's this weekend, I have been seriously distracted. Read between the lines: I've only been shopping for myself. But its the thought that counts, right? I mean, I do have the good intentions when I've been out shopping.

Anyhow, Kohls and Marshalls are quickly becoming some new favorite shopping getaways for some fabulous deals. They have recently opened up a mega shopping center very close to me, filled with tons of great stores, and I am pretty sure they are sending subliminal messages in my dreams for me to go out and shop and then shop some more.

At Kohls this week they are running a promo where if you buy $50USD of merch, then they give you $10USD Kohl's Cash to use in store. HELLO...um, sure. So, I found some great basic cotton cardigans for $6.99USD on sale from $28. Naturally, I picked up black and grey. Annoyingly, they run small and very fitted, my normal size Medium looked ridiculous and cropped on me, so I was *this* close to putting them both back instead of getting an XL.....vain, yes, I know. I got them, and will cut the tag out first thing....bwahaha. Also at Kohls, I found a fabulous, very 'Free People'-esque knit summer shirt for.....$1.90USD. This is cheaper than Goodwill, my friends. It looks so cute, flowy and bohemian. So cliche. Yep, can't wait to pair it with some dark denim jeans and flat gold sandals this spring. Not pictured is the other stuff I grabbed; a complete bathroom set from rug, towels, soap dish, and curtain+holders for my new house being built, for an unbelievable 70% off.
Off to Marshalls, I went. Oh, I love Marshall. SO MUCH. They carry names like Seven for all Mankind jeans, Juicy, Coach, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and the list goes on and on. And, at a fraction of retail prices.....*drools* There was a time where I would buy clothing and accessories at full price. Not anymore! Me a parsimonious pursuer, 'member?
So, yesterday during my Marshalls run, I found some great clearance deals. A Debbie Meyer for Rico bubble tank dress for $5USD (retail <$60)!!!! A pair of Vertigo straight leg jeans for $10USD (retail $180)!!
And my favorite find of the day (make that month)...A floral, beautiful Free People summer dress marked down to $10USD!!! Free People is a name that is on my top 5 favorite brands of all time. Check them out at www.freepeople.com and this dress easily sells for over $150USD at their stores. Speaking of which, one just opened up near me~~must resist
A close up of the fabulous neck detailing:
I also picked up a pair of running shoes on clearance for $29USD for my daddeeeee. Give him some motivation to run. LOL...and a car wash nozzle/thing/soap/whatever for him as a quick stocking stuffer. My mom, who accompanied me, snagged some great deals on gifts. Good for her....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Under Construction

I know, I know....I need to actually blog on a blog. But let me finish this finals week, and I will be up and full-steam ready to add some entries! Thanks for your patience. And don't forget to follow along with the Parsimonious Pursuer, it definitley has its perks....*hint-hint*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Riding Boots on the Cheap

Not a thrift store find, but a great find none the less. I picked up these great dark brown riding boots the other day at Marshalls for *gasp* a measly $20USD!! I had been looking for a pair of riding boots all around the city that fit my criteria. All I asked for was a) rounded toe b)buckle detailing and c) a dark brown/black color...Oh man...These are some fabulous boots! I love how they aren't tight around the calves, and allow for a gap between boot and jeans that I prefer. The detailing on the back harnesses and rounded toe sold me. These are a size 9M, the only size at the store, and they happen to fit quite well on my normally size 8M feet. The brand is Sporto, nothing fancy, but these retail for over $120USD at other places. The best quality of the material used for these boots are the fact that they are waterproof and won't discolor or fade. I don't get snow in Texas, but definitley get rain during the winter months, so these will be perfect for the outdoors and I won't have to worry about my footwear getting ruined when it comes in contact with moisture!!!

A Thrift Store Haul....

I am a huge thrift store fan. You will learn that about me as I begin to post my new (or used, however you look at it) finds. I try to make it to a local thrift shop once a week or so to always check out their rotating inventory. And, I hit up my nearest Goodwills about 2 weeks ago, and found a few items worth mentioning. Here are some Etienne Aigner flats with some great brass hardware in my perfect size 8M:

How great will these look with some dark denim jeans and a dark fuschia sweater?! I also found these *authentic* Rock and Republic Crystal Roth jeans in Fantastic condition! And, amazingly~in my size with no wear or tear! All the stones on the back pockets are in perfect shape and orientation. These retail for over $200USD, and I got mine for, drumroll please.....$5USD...score!

Also, this Alice+Trixie tie-back dress shirt. This was my favorite find of recent memory. It has such fine detailing and craftsmanship. Normally, this shirt would sell for over a hundred bucks, but I snagged it at a bargain $4USD....Oh, It fits perfectly and I plan on wearing this to one of the holiday parties coming up.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yes, my blog name is ridiculously ridiculous. It is a synonym of a synonym. The goal of this blog is to hunt down the (greatest) deals on the web involving clothing and accessories and share them you. Shopping for awesome and trendy clothing and accessories doesn't have to cost an arm and leg. Most of my greatest finds (including designer threads) are from local thriftstores and garage sales. You won't find me spending retail on almost anything I wear! It's all about strategy and patience. The two things any parsimonious pursuer of fashion must possess. After all, the best things in life are free...well, or almost free.
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