Friday, February 27, 2009

Un panty libre

Express stores are offering customers a free panty with this coupon! No purchase necessary. But hurry offer expires March 1st! I don't like the word 'panty'. Sounds wierd...........anyhow, enjoy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enzo Angiolini

I found these Enzo angiolini 'Hypnotic' flats at Marshalls for $7! Of course, I just couldn't resist. With an original price of $79, I definitley feel like I got a deal. Paired with some dark distressed denims and a flowy white blouse, I have myself a simple, chic outfit!
Here' some features of the 'Hypnotic' sandal by EA:
Chic thong sandal with a brilliant metallic finish
Adjustable buckle closure
Lightly padded footbed
Man-made sole
1/4" heel

'it's feeling like spring' ootd

It's been really seasonable around here as it rose into the high 70's for a couple weeks now. I love the spring, it's a time of the year where the weather is lovely, the flowers are blooming, and the air is crisp. Truly refreshing. Yes, I know it is only February, but here in South Texas, there never is a real winter, only a series of wierd weather patterns that eclipse each month. You never know what is going to happen tommorow, weather-wise. But one thing I am sure of, it's definitley going to a be a hot summer. I can feel it in the air.
Tank: Free People ($7 @ Marshalls)
Jacket: IG Jeans ($2)
Jeans: William Rast 'Belle' distressed denim ($5)~these were even brand new!!!! unbelievable
Sandals: Coconuts by Matisse ($5)~brand new as well!)
Necklace: Target ($8)
And the sad thing is, many people still don't believe that great outfits can be put together for so little! Silly, silly... =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free subs for all!

Update: All gone.....damn, that went fast! Apparently a lot of people like subs. Well, at least free subs, that is.
Not fashion related, but I thought you should know that if you sign up at, you will get a free sub certificate to use at Quizno's! Hurry before the offer runs out!

FYI-The Italian sub is to-die-for and the Raspberry lemonade is good enough to kill for.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

happy as a clam....

Take a look at what I scored today at Marshalls: A pair of Frye shoes "Cameron" in a perfect-for-spring-and-summer yellow! These soft leather wedge flats were an unbelievable $15 (super markdowned)! These originally retailed for $152. If you haven't ever owned a pair of Frye shoes, then you're really missing out. Frye footwear is handcrafted in America of the finest and highest quality leather available. Their craftsmanship really epitomizes the qualities of classic, ageless, and authentic footwear. I mean, their company has been around since the Civil War!!!! Soldiers of the Union and Confederacy wore Frye boots. *mind blows*

Really gives you your moneys worth. Totally proud of the 15,000 pennies I spent today on these deliciously cute shoes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

JcPenney's Rewards

I just found out recently online that Jcpenney's has a new rewards program for its customers. It works like this: you sign up online or instore and register your name, address, and phone. You then can attach your debit card or credit card to the account so that whenever you make a purchase with your card at any Jcpenneys, you are credited with points. After you accrue so many points, you earn reward certificates based on your total spending each quarter. These certificates work like giftcards for you to spend and come in increments of $10, $20, and so on.

Now, here's some great news, for a limited time, when you sign up for the JcPenney rewards, you automatically get a $5 reward certificate to use online or in stores! You don't even have to register a card on your account to gain access to the certficate! I registered and haven't placed a card in the account, and recieved my certificate instantly. I even used it today! Here's how to get yours:

Go to and click on the rewards block on the bottom left. Register your info and make sure to enter the promotional code 3008. Add your card information on the second screen (remember, it's not required to get certificate). After you register your info, close your window, click this link ( and print your certificate!

I was able to get a couple of shirts for my brother and shirt for myself for less than $3! There are some mega sales going on, so make sure to head on over to your nearest JcPenney to snag some deals!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy day ootd

Forever 21 ( 17.80 )
Delias ( 49.50 )
Payless ( 12.49 )

Thursday, February 12, 2009

stupid speech day ootd

I was nervous this morning. I had to give a mock interview in my business speech course. Yuck. So I decided to at least wear something that would make me feel more confident, and comfortable in front of these 40 (critical) eyeballs. Dressing in what makes you feel confident does make a world of difference. I hate public speaking by the way.....

You know, layering is the name of the game. I love layering. Period. I feel naked without at least 3 layers of fabric on my top half! It gives a structured, yet bohemian look to an outfit. Make sense? Probably not, but its just something that I love. You know, like some people insist on wearing hats all the time? A hat a day? What's that about....


Top-$3.99 Goodwill
Camisole-$3.99 Goodwill
Cardigan-$5 Target
Jeans-$18 Dillards (marked down from $98!)
Shoes-$5 Target
Ring (not pictured, but gold/yellow floral arrangment)-$6 Target

So, an entire outfit for under $45. Nice, right? My favorite part of the whole shebang was the shoes. They are so very bright, cute, and comfortable! Sorry for the flashtastic pics, but I was in a rush to leave! And excuse the marks on the mirror. That would be a combination of dog and 5 year-old boy slobber and smudges. Ah, life in my house....
And a closer look at the layering effect I spoke briefly of.....very neutral, unassuming look. Grey is a good color, fyi

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have I told you why I love Marshalls?

Get thee to a Marshalls if you are a huge fan of Free People, like yours truly. Yesterday I found tons of tanks and summer blouses marked on super clearance (my kind of clearance) anywhere from $5-$20 appropriate for a spring and summer wardrobe. Now, I obsess over Free People. Their catalog is like serious eye candy. But I can't afford the retail prices. So what I do, being so darn parsimonious (teeheehee), I hunt off-price retailers like Marshalls and TjMaxx for their name. It just so happened that yesterday really did bear the fruit of my labor.

I managed to pick up 4 Free People summer blouses for $22. Of course they still had their original tags from Free People on them. It really made me think to see what I would have paid purchasing from their catalog or one of their retail locations....


Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, I had to hit Target today to grab some pizza fixins for little brother (aka: cutie pie), when I stumbled across a great find.....these fab shoes! Oh my: The color. The straps. The shape. And the price? They were 75% off, so I paid a whopping $4.98. Friends, there was this one pair sitting all alone on the lonesome shelf: and in my size. It was meant to be. I can't wait to pair these mustard yellows with some great dark denim, a vintage layered tank, and a dark charcoal cardigan. Squeeeee!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Giving new life...

Recently in the past few months, I had the task of creating a vanity for my room. I had found the desk, mirror, and accessories for the vanity set-up, but I didn't have a chair or bench! Now, I looked through CL to no avail, perused through retailers only to be dissapointed by the high prices, so I turned to a familiar friend, mr. goodwill. Actually, I can't claim credit on this find because it was all my mother! She went to the thrift shop one afternoon on a mission and found me a vintage art-deco-esque chair for I kid you not, $3.99. Sure it had its run. And by run, I mean it need TLC. A little love and handiwork can make all the difference in an older piece of furniture. All you need it an idea, the tools to do the work, and some determination. She really saw through the well-indented plastic seat cushion, scratched wood, and dusty legs. More so than I.

I knew I wanted the chair to be in the darker shades of cherry or mahagony. And fabric is key to the seat. The idea was 17th century french floral. Hmm. So, off to Wal-mart went mom and I. We grabbed a can of wood stain ($4), some fine grain sand paper ($1), paintbrush ($2), and some great, heavy upholsetry fabric ($5).

So, we first removed the cushion from the chair, took the chair outside (well-ventilation is key), sanded the entire chair down to remove uneven texture, and stained it with the wood stain. I had picked out one of the darkest shades of the stains available, a bombay mohagany. After carefully painting the chair evenly, we allowed it to dry overnight. The next day, we applied another layer of stain to even out any missed spots. After another night of drying, we were ready to make the cushion.

We cut an appropriate size of fabric, stapled it around the cushion to the back with a heavy duty work-stapler, and viola! A brand new cushion!
So, we simply put the cushion back on the now-dried chair, and I now had myself a beautiful new vanity chair on which I type right now. And for under $ can't beat that! I love giving new life to an old piece of furniture. It makes it unique and truly one of a kind!

Before (excluding mustard-yellow plastic cushion which I had removed for cleaning):

And After:

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