Thursday, February 12, 2009

stupid speech day ootd

I was nervous this morning. I had to give a mock interview in my business speech course. Yuck. So I decided to at least wear something that would make me feel more confident, and comfortable in front of these 40 (critical) eyeballs. Dressing in what makes you feel confident does make a world of difference. I hate public speaking by the way.....

You know, layering is the name of the game. I love layering. Period. I feel naked without at least 3 layers of fabric on my top half! It gives a structured, yet bohemian look to an outfit. Make sense? Probably not, but its just something that I love. You know, like some people insist on wearing hats all the time? A hat a day? What's that about....


Top-$3.99 Goodwill
Camisole-$3.99 Goodwill
Cardigan-$5 Target
Jeans-$18 Dillards (marked down from $98!)
Shoes-$5 Target
Ring (not pictured, but gold/yellow floral arrangment)-$6 Target

So, an entire outfit for under $45. Nice, right? My favorite part of the whole shebang was the shoes. They are so very bright, cute, and comfortable! Sorry for the flashtastic pics, but I was in a rush to leave! And excuse the marks on the mirror. That would be a combination of dog and 5 year-old boy slobber and smudges. Ah, life in my house....
And a closer look at the layering effect I spoke briefly of.....very neutral, unassuming look. Grey is a good color, fyi

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