Monday, January 5, 2009

keeping warm

...well, there isn't really a winter in south Texas. The coldest it gets is maybe 45 degrees during the day. Still chilly, I must say. As a former Colorado-ian, this is nothing! But, I still need to keep warm while running errands and going out. I have my pea coat I got last year at Old Navy for $40 that I use during brrr days and thats about it for my winter bundling up wardrobe.

But, last night my awesome mother presented me with an sweet gift....a hand-knit scarf.'s so cozy and really does warm me up! I am wearing it now as I type. Plus, it's in a mossy green shade, which definitley is one of my favorite colors and works well into the spring months. Kudos to mom. And definitley better than anything I could have found at any store....

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