Thursday, January 15, 2009

high expectations

My new Goodwill opened up today right at 9a.m. And man, was I hyped. So after my morning classes, I picked up my mom headed out to the grand opening~but not before running through the drive thru at Burger King, yum. Seriously, why are their fries so good? I could eat them for days with that cursed delicious barbeque sauce.....

Store analysis:

First impressions: store was smaller than what was expected. Very clean and quaint nonetheless. It was crowded. Lots of shoppers shopping at the shop.

Finds: I did manage to snag a great brown peacoat for $5. My mom found some nifty floral fabric she is going to use to make pillows and curtains for a new guest room. Think, Shabby Chic. Also, a beaded floral handbag clutch.

Conclusion: I think I played this GW up to a high standard in my mind. but no worries, time will bring greatness to this newbie thrift store. It's only after a few weeks when things will begin to calm down, organize itself, and then~ the good stuff really will show itself!

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