Sunday, January 4, 2009

Creating a Vanity for Less....

Friends, I love makeup, fragrance, and nail polish. Plain and simple. My collection of lip products and nail polish will attest to this. As a result of my ever expanding collection and desire to organize it all in one multi-tasked area, I decided to construct a vanity for my collection. I had a rough draft blueprint in my head of what it should look like, ideally, but it kind of became a work in progress project. I wanted a station where my makeup could be stored away in a drawer or drawers, and roomy enough for a computer workstation. And, I knew I wanted to keep it under a $100.

I didn't have any luck in finding a vanity at a thrift shop or even craigslist, so I turned to the next best spot, Target. I love Target. From their clothing, groceries, home decor and furniture departments, it's all so great. Their prices are great, as well. The furniture piece needed to be:
a) black or dark toned
b) narrow enough to fit against my wall without intruding on my living space and..
c) roomy enough for my makeup collection

Luckily, on my first trip, I found a desk in the furniture dept for about $60 on sale that fit my criteria... I didn't like the knob that was included with the desk. Too modern for my taste. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a glass knob in a beautiful amber tone for about $4.

Found a perfect-sized/color mirror lying around my

Grabbed a few eclectic acessories from Goodwill for under $5. Glass plates, candle sticks, and storage boxes...Viola...a vanity!

Most of my stash fits into the slide out drawer easily. I organized each category of makeup into little baskets I found at the dollar store. Sure, my collection keeps growing, and ends up into an 'overstock' drawer in my closet, but for the most part, my daily collection is all in here! Usually it looks more organized, but I'd been neglecting since it is a holiday break!

I store my fragrances on a metal tray on the desk itself for easy access. Not pictured is the new Viva la Juicy! I tend to go through fragrance phases, so these are just some of the current edp's, I am loving at the time.

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